I am not a Librarian

Do not get me wrong…I totally respect Librarians and what they do.  But, as I tell all my volunteers (who 2 1/2 years later still refer to me as a librarian) I cannot catalog a book to save my life.

I am an Archivist.  I do not work for a university or a corporation.  I work for an Historical Society.  And, in the historical society world, I am the Indiana Jones of the paper.  We do not get the same accolades or recognition as our counterparts the curator, who work on exhibits and handle 3-d objects.  Instead, we work diligently, finding, organizing, describing and making accessible primary resources for historians and researchers.  Personally, Archivists have the better job.  We are charged with holding history in our hands.  From the Declaration of Independence to a letter written by a soldier, these items make us who we are and help tell our history.  Without documents, history would just be a story told to promote or disprove an event.

So, even though I run a library, I am not a librarian.  I am one of thousands responsible for preserving history for future generations.

One thought on “I am not a Librarian

  1. My title is “librarian”, but I agree that I am not “quite” a librarian. I agree – I think I have the best job in the library. But I’m sure there are others with very different jobs from mine (both in the library and other places and industries) who feel the same way.

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