“Christian Deppen” Scholla 7/22/1940 by Arthur D. Graeff

In 1736, Christian Deppen (Teppe) Immigrated to this country from the Palatinate. Very early he took up his homestead on the banks of the Tulpehocken Creek, A mile and a half southwest of Charming Forge. Together with his neighbors, the Lauxs, Fidlers, Troutmans, Eckerts and others, he and his family shared the dangers of the Indian attacks. The Deppen Family has two traditions which relate to Indian experiences, one supported by legend and the other fairly well substantiated by the record.

The First legend recounts the familiar story of the resourceful farmer who forestalled an Indian Massacre by the clever ruse of having the redskins assist him in capturing a rabbit which had taken shelter in the hollow trunk of a tree. The Farmer was driving a wedge into the log when the marauders approached. He told the Indians that a Rabbit had crept into the tree trunk and that he was trying to catch it by splitting the log if the redmen would place their fingers in the crevice formed by the split they could help tear the trunk apart. Bent upon the chase, the duped Indians did as they were bidden. The farmer then removed his wedge and trapped the Indians by holding them fast by their fingers, rendering them helpless.
The Story of the heroic act by which the life of Rebecca Kobel Deppen was spared is to be found in colonial letters and church records. During and Indian massacre, Rebecca’s mother was tomahawked while carrying her infant daughter in her arms. The injured mother fell to the ground using her dying body to shield her infant from view. Later a rescuing part found the dead body of the mother covering little Rebecca who was unharmed.
-Luke Sutliff

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