Scholla – by Luke Sutliff

My new assistant Luke is processing a series of Scrapbooks created from a tri-weekly newspaper column in the Reading Times. The column, originally titled Scholla aus Pennsylvanisch Dietschland translates to “Echoes from Pennsylvania Dutch Country”. The title was later shortened to Scholla. The author of this column Arthur D. Graeff signed his columns “bei ‘N Ewich Yaeger”, which translates to “the Eternal Hunter”. His pen name is very fitting because he wrote his column from July 26, 1938 until the last article being published on the day of his death March 28, 1969. During that time our Eternal Hunter scrounged together material for over 4,800 articles. We at the Berks History Center are excited to expose new generations to writings of Arthur D. Graeff and pay tribute to his work. Due to the elapsed time since the writings of these articles, we encourage our readers to expound on the topics/ideas in Arthur’s articles.

For more information on Arthur D. Graeff we recommend referring to
Graeff, Arthur D. and George M. Meiser IX. “Echoes of Scholla-Illustrated Choice Bits of Berks County History and Lore”. The
Berksiana Foundation. Kutztwon Publishing Company. 1976

Haag, Earl C. “A Pennsylvania German Anthology”. Page 263

Luke will be making frequent posts, as he reads through these articles to make them more accessible in the Henry Janssen Library.


Thanks Luke!  And…enjoy!

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