Scholla: Dialect Place Names May 14, 1941

Scholla: Dialect Place Names May 14, 1941

In response to a request in Scholla, Raymond Kiebach and William H. Keller, both of Reading, furnished an interesting list of dialect place names for areas in Berks and nearby counties. This extensive list is too long to be printed in a single issue of Scholla and Der Ewich Yaeger plans to use the material in several installments. It is the kind of material which should be preserved for the future and Messrs. Keibach and Keller have rendered their own time and the future a fine service in putting some of these interesting names into the record.

Die Butter Lane extends from 26th street at Perkiomen Avenue, Mt. Penn through Exeter township, passing the colonial mansions of the pioneer Custard family, crossing Fry’s Run and the Anteitam Creek near Carsonia Park, Passing near Wanner’s Grist Mill at Stony Creek, continuing into Lower Alsace township and connecting with the old Friedensburg Road, off Route 73, a short distance below Ritter’s Hotel.

Die Butter Lane is named because of a misadventure which happened to one William Miller who lived on the road, near the Exeter-Alsace boundary line. Miller was a butter salesman. He carried his wares in a round-bottomed basket wrapped in a linen cloth. One hot summer day he tarried too long imbibing liquid refreshments. While he tarried the butter melted “un iss aus em Karrib geloffe.”

Harsche Paad- (Deer Path) In Exeter township, below Carsonia Park, starting near a little red school house known as St. Lawrence School. A second Harsche Paad began at North 13th and Bern Streets on the Northeast edge of Readng (formerly the Muhlenberg farm). It crossed the Pricetown road near the city limits and gradually climbed into McKnight’s Gap where all traces of it were lost. The upper portion of this path now is covered by the new Skyline Boulevard where it connects with the dirt road in the gap.

Katzenmoyer’s Loch- Katzenmoyer’s Hole. This was a pond or sink hole located on the Katzenmoyer farm, now part of the city of Reading, near where North Tenth and Perry Streets cross. A storm raging through the city from the north formerly was referred to “es kummt fun Katzenmoyer’s Loch.”

Naeger Dahl- Negro Hollow, A deep valley to the northeast of the borough of St. Lawrence on the road to Jacksonwald in Exeter Township. The borough draws a portion of it’s water supply from this valley in which there are several springs.

According to tradition the spot was once used as an Indian burial ground. The name was given to the valley because a family of fugitive slaves lived there during the Civil War.

Scholla katzenmoyer hole

Scholla Dialect Place Names May 5, 1941. Reading Times. Leroy Gensler
Scholla Dialect Place Names May 5, 1941. Reading Times. Leroy Gensler

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