Scholla: More Dialect Place Names by Raymond E. Kiebach and William H. Keller

More Dialect Place Names by Raymond E. Kiebach and William H. Keller

Vogel’s Berg- Bird Hill A mountain crossed by a country dirt road from Host post office in Tulpehocken Township to Wintersville in Marion Township.

Raenkel Town- Wrangletown. The village of Gibraltar in Robeson Township. It is said to be so named because of the quarrelsome disposition of the inhabitants of former days.

Deiwels Loch- Devil’s Hole This is in Hereford Township on the road leading from Huff’s Church to Route 100 at Clayton.

Dorne Berg- Thorn Mountain A long hill along the Tulpehocken creek with a steep descent into Lower Heidelberg Township.

Drucke Schtross- Dry Road leads from the borough of Wyomissing to Bernville. It joins Route 83 at Gruber’s Wagon Works near Obold or Mt. Pleasant. It received its name from the fact that there was no hotel or “Wartzhaus” along its route. It must have been exceedingly dry.

Eppel Lane- Apple Lane. A country dirt road in Alsace Township near Zion’s Union (Spies) Church. It leads to the Friedensburg road in Oley.

Karsche Schtross- Cherry Road. A very dirty dirt road leading from Host post office in Tulpehocken Township into Marion Township in the general direction of Stouchsburg. It loses itself before it reaches the town. At one time both sides of the road were lined with many large cherry trees.

Klapperthal- The name of a beautiful glen at the end of the scenic mountain railway of the Neversink Mountain in Exeter. The name may be a corruption of Kropps Dahl which would mean Crow Valley.

Naftzingerstettle- Naftzinger’stown. This hamlet of six houses in Upper Bern Township. South of Shartlesville. All houses are built on one side of the road hence the saying: “In Naftsingerstettle brote sie es Shunke-Fleesch yuscht uff eener side.”

Mollasich Berg- Molasses Hill. This hill is in Bern Township. Before the days of motor trucks the merchants of Bernville hauled their commodities from Mohrsville, then the nearest railroad depot. A hogshead of molasses fell from a wagon, broke, spilling the contents. The name Molasses Hill is a reminder of the mishap.

Leapy Sucker- A place of many willows covering about two acres along the Antietam Creek, a short distance from Carsonia Park. The oldest natives have not been able to explain the meaning of the word and some person think it may be an Indian name (Lenni Lenape?). At one time fishing for suckers was well rewarded in this spot.

Kroppa Berg- Crow Hill. In Hereford Township.

Die Eise Brick- The Iron Bridge. This was the first structural iron bridge across the Tulpehocken creek near Bernville, on the dirt road leading from Route 83 to North Heidelberg Union Church.

Stumpstettle- Stumptown, now Fredericksburg, Lebanon County. Named for Frederick Stump an early pioneer.

Bossuh Schtross- Possum Road. A country dirt road in Tulpehocken Township leading from Host, turning south from the main road to Four Points Hotel.

Blo Berg- Blue Mountains. The Kittatinny range of mountains on the northern border of Berks and Lehigh Counties.

By Leroy Gensler
By Leroy Gensler
by Leroy Gensler
by Leroy Gensler

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