Colonial Records – Scooling

At  a Council held at Philadelphia, ye 26th of ye 10th month, 1683.


Wm. PENN, Propor & Govr.

Tho. Holmes,    Wm. Haigue,    Lasse Cock.

Wm. Clayton,

The Govr and Provll Councill having taken into their Serious Consideration the great Necessity there is of a Scool Master for ye Instruction & Sober Education of Youth in the towne of Philadelphia, Sent for Enock flower, an Inhabitant of the said Towne, who for twenty Year past hath been exercised in the care and Imploymt in England, to whom haveing Comunicated their Minds, he Embraced it upon these following Termes: to Learne to read English 4s by the Quarter, to Learne to read and write 6s by ye Quarter, to learne to read, Write and Cast accot 8s by ye Quarter; for Boarding a Scholler, that is to say, dyet, Washing, Lodging, & Scooling, Tenn pounds for one whole year.

Antho: Pryer’s Petition read; referred to ye Law.

Adjourned till ye 27th 10th Mo., 83.

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