Scholla: Weeds in V-Gardens 7/22/1943

Weeds in V-Gardens      7/22/1943

How well do you know the names of the weeds that crowd your growing plants? Perhaps many of us would find that the dialect names of weeds are better known to us than their English or Latin equivalents. Most of us know what Harsche-Graas looks like; we wrestle with Bitter-Schtengel, Walwer Gaul and Buwwe Leis, but we know that it is incorrect to translate these terms directly into English, lest friends smile or look puzzled.

But then, stop and consider how many weeds do you know by their English names or how many does the ordinary city dweller know?

Here are a few names, the first dialect, the second English, and the third scientific.

Deschelgraut – Shepard’s Purse- Capsella-Bursa pastoris

Brenesel Nettle – Urtica Dioca

Biskatzegraut – Skunk Cabbage – Symplocarpus foetidus

Flae graut – Smartweed – Polygnum Hydropiper

Bitter-Schtengel – Ragweed – Ambrosia trifida

Buwwe Leis – Beggar’s Ticks – Bidens

Maed Leis – Tick Trefoil – Desmodium

Darrich Wachs – Boneset – Eupatorium perfoliatum

Raade Cocles – Petunia –

Seigraut – Blue Vervain – Berbena Hastata

Smartweed. Source:
Smartweed. Source:
Ragweed. Source:
Ragweed. Source:



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