Scholla: Winter Poetry February 12, 1945

The following verses have been offered to Scholla by Mrs. Margaret E. Wanner, of Bethel, Route 1. Mrs. Wanner Cannot be listed as a new Berks poet because her pen has been busy for a number of years, particularly in writing verses to the young men in the armed forces overseas. She has received many letters from homesick lads showing their appreciation for the fine touches of home and the beauties of Berks.

The Man Outside

With Face so chalky white,

     In garb so oddly styled–

‘Tho bitter cold the night–

     He stood outside and smiled.

His coat of snow was white,

      And snow piled ’round his feet;

He’d be an eerie sigh,

      To meet upon the street.

As black as coal his eyes,

     Bulged from rounded face.

I noticed with surprise–

     His nose was out of place!!

His head was free of hair;

       That battered hat he wore

With such a jaunty air–

       I’d seen somewhere before.

His arms were flung out wide;

     in fingers stiffly clasped–

Was that my broom I spied?–

    Within his frigid grasp?

Through frosted pane he stared,

     Inside, at warmth and light,

As though he never cared–

     A mite about his plight.

There lingered quite a while–

       The children’s work of art;

‘Til Sunshine thawed his smile–

        The stole away his heart!

by Morgan E. Wanner

Winter Cleaning

Swirling crystals pelt the ground;

       In flurry they obliquely fall,

Spreading whiteness all around,

       Frosting white the garden wall.

With increasing zest they fly–

       To left, to right, in blinding might,

Polkadots agianst the sky;

      Brushing tree trunks in their flight,

Leading all the paths astray,

       Smoothing white the furrowed field–

Hiding scraggy shrubs away;

       Coating pond with snowy shield,

Heaping ridges on the road;

       Pilling hillocks in the dale–

Changing Landscape in the mode–

      Fashioned by a roaring gale.

A blizzard sweeps the vale tonight;

       Earth’s asleep– all robed in white.

By Margaret E. Wanner

city park

(Reading) City Park in Winter. Courtesy of the Historical Society of Berks County.


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