A Fresh New Look

Five years ago, I created the Keeper of Berks’s History Mysteries Blog.  The Berks History Center was starting to dabble in Social Media and I thought this would be a really cool way to share our history.  We have had some slow years and recently, with the addition of Arthur Graeff’s Scholla Newspaper Articles, we have been very active.

As we continue to evolve, the idea came up to use the blog, not just for history we in the HJL research, but as a tool to help solicit new Berks County history for outside the library and as a way to help promote the organization.  I felt this was an excellent idea, however, the blog was registered under my name.

Yesterday, I transferred my blog to the Berks History Center, to open up more opportunities to tell our history and our stories.  We have a new look and more great things will come.  All of our past posts are still accessible under the calendar, in case you are new and missed some, or would like to revisit them.

Thank you for following!

Kim Brown

Director of Special Collections


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