Scull Map from the Museum Collection


In 2015, staff of the Berks History Center discovered an extremely early and original map of Pennsylvania, published in 1759 by Nicholas Scull, II (1687-1761).  Scull was the Surveyor General of Pennsylvania from 1748 until 1761, and his 1759 map of Pennsylvania is considered by some historians to be the first map of the entire colony.  Of interest is the Northwest border of Berks County: since none had been established, none is shown.  IN 1770, Nicholas’ grandson, William Scull, published an updated version of his grandfather’s map.  During inventory work completed in 2016, staff found an original copy of this map as well.

2 thoughts on “Scull Map from the Museum Collection

  1. Alexis: Do you know if scull also made individual county-type maps. I came upon his name in Northampton/ Buck County research. How might I get to view this map? I do volunteer work for the Library and am the Archivist at Bethany Children’s Home. Carl

    • Hi Carl,

      Scull is responsible for a number of maps of Berks County and the Philadelphia area. The map in this post is in the museum collection. Please give us a call during Museum hours (Tuesday-Friday 10AM-3PM, Saturday 9AM-3PM). We would be happy to help connect you to these artifacts!

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