1917 Food Garden Primer

Reading Times May 10, 1917
May 10, 1917 Reading Times

The main objective of the National Emergency Food Garden Commission was to supply thousands of newspapers with articles and hundreds of clubs with promotional materials to inspire the planting of food gardens, as well as daily practical advice on how to build gardens and cultivate vegetables. As a result of this effort, an average of ten million people were given access to daily instructions as to how to grow their own emergency food supply.

Through the commission, the 1917 “Food Garden Primer” was distributed widely around the country. The 8-page pamphlet provides practical information for beginning gardeners.

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This pamphlet was originally printed by Mayor Mitchel’s Food Supply Committee of New York City. The Albany Branch of the New York State Woman Suffrage Party pasted their own label on this pamphlet instead of creating one of their own, as a public service toward the war effort.

Click here to read the pamphlet in its entirety.

Suffrage gardens were a popular technique to gather support for woman’s suffrage in 1917.

Part of the Berks History Center’s 2020 “Berks History for Victory Campaign.” Click here for more information. 

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