Guest Bloggers

Sean Anderson

20170810_140345.jpgSean Anderson contributes to the Berks History Center’s blog as part of a research project  funded by the National Endowment for Humanities entitled: Metadata, Marketing, and a Local Archive: Creating Popular Interest from Archival Sources at the Berks History Center Research Library. A native of Lehigh County, Sean is a Ph.D. student at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA.

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Richard Polityka

rickcrop.jpgRick Polityka is a longtime volunteer and member of the Berks History Center and contributes to the Berks History Center’s blog as the project leader of the BHC’s World War I & Berks Project, a year-long storytelling project and exhibit that commemorates the 100th Anniversary of the Great War. In 2018 Rick became a trustee of the Berks History Center and has been contributing the BHC blog since early 2017. Rick has been studying the history of Reading and Berks County since the mid 1970s.

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Hallie Vaughan

HallieVaughan.JPGHallie Vaughan is a Women’s History enthusiast and Berks History Center volunteer with a long career exploring American Women’s History. Her interest in Women’s History began as a school teacher in the Muhlenberg School District. After retiring from teaching, Hallie began teaching Women’s History courses for Alvernia’s Seniors College, which she still does today. Hallie’s knowledge of Women’s History includes: Women of the Revolution, Women of the Civil War, Suffering’ Suffragists, Berks County Women, Pennsylvania Women, Who Knew It was Women Who Could Make That Happen(Inventors), Explorers, Women of the Military, Ministry and Athletics, and more!

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3 thoughts on “Guest Bloggers

  1. Luke: recent article on Jacob Epprecht/ Eppracht fascinating a usual. Doing a genealogical search for one living in Berks County however became problematic as you supposed! However,,, there seems to be one born abt 1715 married to a Susanne Schultz in 1765/ might be the same as will probate from 1764 in Berks County p. 186. There is another similar Epprecht 1723-27 but settled in Lebanon County/ Mt Bethel. These illusive individuals ! Carl

  2. Super article “World War One Service Without Guns” by Charles W. Weiser. (Vol 83, No. 3) The ten young men who joined the 317th Field Hospital of the 305th Sanitary Train were in France 100 years ago as this note is written. They were still in training at a chateau and nearby area in Chauvirey-le-Vieil (June 20 to August 27, 1918). In about a month they would head toward the front. In early September they would see 10,000 German prisoners march by as they headed for Fromereville, a three weeks stay, to assist in casualties particularly for events in the Verdun area. Also in Fromereville was their sister field hospital, the 318th. My book on the 318th very much similar to the 317th as they traveled together throughout the Great War. In Fromereville the 317th occupied tents and the 318th found a prosperous inn for it’s establishment at the other end of town. My son and I visited Fromereville in October, 1914, for research on my book about the 318th Field Hospital which my grandfather, Major (Dr.) Hugh Thomas Nelson, Jr., who commanded the unit. The perfect English speaking mayor provided us lunch with her family and then we walked through the village so that I could explain the unit’s operations during WWI. Charles Weiser’s article was very refreshing to read again about the soldier’s of Berk’s County in the Great War.

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