Guest Bloggers

Sean Anderson

20170810_140345.jpgSean Anderson contributes to the Berks History Center’s blog as part of a research project  funded by the National Endowment for Humanities entitled: Metadata, Marketing, and a Local Archive: Creating Popular Interest from Archival Sources at the Berks History Center Research Library. A native of Lehigh County, Sean is a Ph.D. student at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA.

Click here for articles written by Sean Anderson.


One thought on “Guest Bloggers

  1. Luke: recent article on Jacob Epprecht/ Eppracht fascinating a usual. Doing a genealogical search for one living in Berks County however became problematic as you supposed! However,,, there seems to be one born abt 1715 married to a Susanne Schultz in 1765/ might be the same as will probate from 1764 in Berks County p. 186. There is another similar Epprecht 1723-27 but settled in Lebanon County/ Mt Bethel. These illusive individuals ! Carl

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