Scholla: A Raccoon Hunt 9/18/1943

A Raccoon Hunt 9/18/1943

Willoby Wertman, of New Ringgold, relates the following story, describing a coon hunt in yesteryear.

Dogs were led to the edge of a cornfield. The coon likes corn and one sure way to pick up the trail is to circle a field until the dogs pick up a scent. One day the trail led to the top of Blue Mountain. The dogs had already treed the coons long before Wertman and his friend arrived on the scene with their muzzle-loader.

Darkness obscured the view and the quarry could not be seen. Ever resourceful the two hunters built a fire near the tree in which the coons were hiding. As soon as the fire provided sufficient light one man tamped the powder in the muzzle-loader while the other man tried to locate the coon. Excitedly the searchers cried: “Dort is ser,” pointing upward the man with the gun fired and lo! Two coons came hurtling down to earth.

While they stood surprised they heard a noise in the tree above, and verily, there was a third coon hovering there. Once again the gun was tamped with powder, but when the hunter attempted to fire, the cap tube refused to set off the charge. Wertman’s friend despaired of getting the third raccoon, but not the intrepid New Ringgolder. Wertman filled the cap tube with black powder and handed it to his friend, telling him to aim at the coon. Next, Wertman picked up a twig and held it in the blaze of the fire until a flame flowed at its tip. Then he held the torch to the cap tube until it set off the charge. The gun was aimed properly and the third coon dropped to earth.

Coon Hunting. Source:
Coon Hunting. Source: