Scholla: Christian Lauer’s Store 1744

As early as 1744 Christian Lauer operated a dry goods store near present day Womelsdorf. His customers, as shown by his account books, were the earliest settlers of Western Berks. These accounts now form a part of Volume IX of a collection known as Potts papers, now on deposit in the vaults of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania.

Many persons living in Berks County today would find a record of some of the business transactions of their immigrant ancestors. The list is too lengthy to reproduce in the entirety here; therefore we select only the accounts which came to the attention of Conrad Weiser.

Michael Spangler

George Michael Ritner, an ancestor of a Pennsylvania governor.

Bastian Brosius – first settler of western Schuykill.

Ludwig Born- Later helped to found Graceham, Maryland.

Abraham Lebo

John Brown- Bill Paid to Wiser by Peter Loch in 1745.

Hannah Zeller- of Zeller’s Fort.

John Graft – a bad bill.

Jacob Perfinger- For rum

Wihelm Huber- Never collected

Nicholas Deck- for nails, paid to Conrad Weiser.

John George Bergenstine- For a hat for his wife.

Jacob Kuser

George Lorman

Adam Walborn

Jonas Lerch

Jacob Dubbs

Peter Knopf

Tobias Bickel

Nicholas Bollman

Thomas Krauss

Jacob Adam Sunday

John Stain

Henry Schmidt

Conrad Goldman

Jacob Deter

Wihelm Hoster

Michael Kirnagle

John Karsnitz

Caspar Durst

Leonard Miller

John Hollenbach



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