Sauerkraut History: The Pennsylvania Dutchman


Happy New Year to all of our Berks County History fans! In Berks County (and beyond), pork and sauerkraut have become synonymous with the New Year. Here is Don Yoder’s interpretation of sauerkraut history from the January 1, 1951 edition of The Pennsylvania Dutchman. The photographs may be a little challenging to read, but we think this fascinating food history is well worth the effort!


5 thoughts on “Sauerkraut History: The Pennsylvania Dutchman

  1. That was great to read! I discovered a lot of Sauerkraut themed events during my events research of Berks County, even including an annual Pork & Sauerkraut Bike ride and Fundraiser for today! I didn’t know there was a rich history behind the tasty delight that ran even to pre-revolutionary times! Kinda explains the persistence of the dish in all the events I’ve found today haha!

    I’ll have a new found respect for the dish as I dine into it to mark the new years. I hope everyone at the great Berks History Center has a fantastic 2018, and many more awesome years to come!

  2. It is always sauerkraut and pork on New Year’s day, for good luck. Chicken is never served, because chickens scratch backwards, while a pig roots forward. In the New Year you want to go forward, not backwards. Just something I learned at the feet of my father, Daniel, who grew up in southern Berks County in a rather large family, where traditions were passed down from one generation to another..

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